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Ragni e Sogni Dream Healing: A Crystal Healing Approach

sognare ragni

A powerful method of utilizing crystals for guidance is through dream healing.  When you are dreaming, you are able to receive intuitive guidance from your higher self.  You may also experience connections with higher beings or guides.  When you becomes able to remember your dreams and interpret them, astounding messages can be discovered and allow for the process of healing the inner self to begin.
To begin the dream healing process, obtain a piece of Red ragni Jasper and a piece of Amethyst, each to be used only for sognare ragni dream work.  These crystals should be cleansed and purified, charged, and programmed before use.  Once sognare ragni the crystals have been cleansed and programmed, you should place the Red Jasper sognare ragni cosa significa beneath your pillow.  Red Jasper is known to stimulate the dream consciousness in order to bring forth dreams of deep meaning.  It also sogni keeps the dreamer’s astral body connected to the earth during intense astral travel.  Amethyst is often used to stimulate intuitive guidance and will help in the interpretation of your dreams.  It will be used later in the process.
You should place a notebook and a pen or pencil next to your sogni bed (within easy grasp) before lying down to go to sleep.  You should then focus your attention on intending to dream and to remember the dream.  You should cosa significa sognare ragnialso focus your attention on intending to properly interpret dream symbols and messages for the highest good of your being.
Upon awakening, you should lie still and attempt to remember as many of the details as possible from your dream(s).  When comfortable with moving, you should hold the Amethyst crystal in your receiving hand and write down the dream experience as precisely as can be.  You may even wish to draw sketches as some things from dreams can be difficult to ragni convey with significato sognare ragni words alone.  Then, at a later time, you ragni significato should review the journal entry and attempt to decipher any symbols, people, places, or experiences that occurred while in the dream consciousness.
It is important to keep very good records in the dream journal as these are some of the greatest clues you have to determining sognare ragni what is best for your higher self.  You can often gain insights to healing through these clues so you should be meticulous in your record keeping.  Also, sognare ragni although you will sometimes immediately understand how a dream symbol should be interpreted, many dream symbols are just pieces of a greater puzzle.  You may need to link together several entries to fully understand the messages behind your dream(s).
Other crystals that are useful in dream healing include Herkimer Diamond, Moonstone, Celestite, and Moldavite.  These stones can be used under the pillow, or in grid formations within your bed or bedroom.
sognare ragni
Herkimer Diamonds can help you to fully tap into your astral body and to have control over it while in your dream consciousness.  They help to facilitate the dream journey and are invaluable for this type of work.
Moonstone is beneficial for those attempting lucid dreaming, or a state in which the conscious awareness is present during astral travel.  This state of dreaming can be beneficial sogni ragni because it allows you to direct a dream in order to receive guidance according to your desired agenda.
Celestite facilitates communication between your consciousness and those of higher spiritual beings.  Using this stone for dream healing can help you in receiving insights and guidance from those in the astral plane.
Finally, Moldavite can assist you in dream journeying.  This stone ragni sognare will take you where few others can.  With this crystal, the ride may be fast and bumpy (always with good reason), so sogni ragni hold on tight!  When using this stone for dream work, it is imperative to also utilize a ragni grounding stone such as Hematite or Red Jasper so that it is not difficult for the dream consciousness to return to the body and resume being your waking conscious awareness.
If using these stones in grid formations, you should be creative.  Stones can be placed in the corners of the room, in each of the four directions, one each to represent the twelve houses of the zodiac, in a circle around your bed, or in any other formation one so chooses.  Following is a crystal array to facilitate the dream state and to help you to remember your dreams, ragni as well as to facilitate intuitive interpretation of the dream symbols.  The sogni ragni stones utilized in this grid include:
     RED JASPER (Under Pillow, Beneath Third Eye Chakra)
     MOLDAVITE (Under Sheet, Beneath Heart Chakra)
     CELESTITE (One at Each Corner of Bed)
     HERKIMER DIAMOND (One at Crown Chakra (Under Pillow) & One at Solar Plexus Chakra (Under Sheet)
*Crystal Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. The information within this guide is sognare ragni purely metaphysical in nature and is by no means medical. Crystal Healing should only be used with the understanding that it is not an independent therapy, but one that is a part of a holistic healing approach.

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